Trading just before expiration

This strategy of trading in Binary Options is to wait with the trade as long as possible before the option will expires. Binary Options are likely to be open a long time before expiration time. This give the opportunity to wait so that all the extra information that comes available can be absorbed, and the trader is possible to make a better decision that way.

Action driven trade

This strategy is a form of fundamental analyses. It is based on real time actions that are happened in the world that influence the value of an asset. An example is the announcement of the unemployment rate or interest rate that can influence the price of an asset.


This strategy means that you already have a trade in a Binary Option, but that you also trade the opposite position that you already possess. For example, you trade into a High Binary Option in the beginning and later on you also trade a Low Binary Option. This way you minimize your risk but it also takes a little bit of profit away. One way to minimize your profit that is going away it to trade another Binary Option, namely the Early Exit option. This gives the trader the opportunity to trade the opposite Binary Option when the trader is almost absolutely sure that the asset makes a certain movement.

Trading based on forward markets

Trading happens over the whole world during the whole day at difference places and start at different times. With this strategy traders are searching for early value on markets that are already open (i.e. NIKKEI). This way they are able to make a prediction what kind of effect the same sort asset can make on the markets that are closed at that time, but will be open in sort notice.